or what our experience brought us

  • 3-5 day stays, the best in all directions
  • OUR TIP FOR WINTER 2018/2019: ski from 7.1.- 27.1.2019! Ski pass prices for low season only through the travel agency!
  • Taste Italian coffee, prosecco, grappa and local speciality FRICO = mixed cheese with potatoes, onion and roasted in the pan, mostly it is served with polenta = corn mash ... it is delicacy!
  • If it is possible for you ski from Monday to Friday = skiing without queue
  • Don't forget ski helmet, although it is mandatory only for children under 14 years of age, we recommend it for all skiers and snowboards
  • refuel in the Czech Republic and then in Austria, in Italy petrol / diesel is the most expensive!
  • Calling code in Italy is 0039 and in the Czech Republic 00420, check with your operator to activate roaming!
  • If you are staying without board, do not bring pasta and pasta sauces to Italy - they are cheaper here than in the Czech republic!
  • Do not forget to insure medical expenses! Standardly it is not included in the basic price, it is necessary to order it! Insurance card valid in the Czech Republic is not enough! You can arrange insurance via our travel agency ** (see the INSURANCE flap) 
  • Try spring skiing from 17.3.2019 - a lot of music for little money! We'll advise you, just contact us. 


....... if you are interested in more information, please write to us, we will be glad to add the information: email: info@ravascletto.cz

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